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I know, I know.... the year has flown by and it’s already AUGUST 2011!!!!  How is it possible?  Life is so full...and I’m almost 50, yikes!!!  I’ve added lots of new photos to most pages, hope you’ll visit each page!  xoxo 

Happy new year!!  I know, I know... I let months go by without updating my site.... been BUSY BUSY!  Check out new photos on almost every page, PLUS added new fun stuff on “Felt Flowers” and “Mini Aprons”!   I hope and pray that 2011 will be joyful, wondrous, and blessed for you all!  Love & hugs!!

Ok, so don’t ask where 6 months have flown to, I have NO IDEA!  All I know is, life is a whirlwind.  Did I think 2009 was crazy?  2010 has been a blink of an eye.  I’m just going to say one word for now:  CANCUN.  With some reservation I went to Cancun to find this:


                                                     Need I say more? 

OK I’ll say more.... it was breathtaking, peaceful, unreal.  This life-guard chair is a photographer’s dream come true!  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to climb on.  I still love Maui more for different reasons but Cancun beaches are simply incredible.  The trip was a much needed escape.  I’ve added more pictures on “more photos” and the food/yum/baking pages.  Peace and joy to you all.  I hope that 2010 has been good to you so far!  xoxo

Another Christmas over... I can’t believe it!  A whirlwind of beauty, joy, sweet moment, endless cooking/baking/prep/wrapping/shopping/going to-n-fro/eating, eating & more eating.  Now for the last few days of 2009.  What a year its been.  Probably one of the most “full” years I can remember, with plenty of ups and downs, happy and sad moments, peaceful and quite anxious days.  I choose to dwell on the ups-happy-peaceful...  hope you will do the same.  I can not look back on the year without clearly seeing God’s merciful hand at work, covering every moment with His grace and love.  He is faithful indeed.  With Him, I look to 2010 without fear, but with confidence and hope.  I pray the same for you as well. 

All my love to you my dear friends! HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR TO YOU!!!

Thanksgiving feast was sooooo good, we ate way too much.  I’ve added photos on almost every page.  Ed and & made a trip to beautiful Maui.  We then took the boys to Palm Desert for a weekend.  I went back to the same resort the next week to have some time alone... came back to a whirlwind of last minute details for Grace Church’s Women’s Christmas tea.  It was a wonderful, beautiful and blessed event.  We had 107 ladies, over-abundance of food and desserts~ and the tables were gorgeous!  God really blessed our fellowship.  I finally got our tree up this past week and have been listening to good ol’ fashion Christmas music..... ready to jump into the menu planning for our family Christmas meal.  I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful Christmas season... and basking in God’s love for us in Christ Jesus!  Love to you all!!!   2 Corinthians 4:6;  John 1:14;  1 John 4:9-10   Merry CHRISTmas!!!!

October 15, 2009    Last week was a very sad week.  My wonderful uncle passed away on 10-01-09, at the age of 59.  He was the kindest, most compassionate, generous and honorable man.  He will be greatly missed.  My prayers continue to be with my aunt and cousins.  The funeral service was sad, but beautifully fitting for such a special man. 

Hard to believe so much has happened just in 2 weeks (since the end of September, my last blog here).  A calm and restful October?  I should have known better.  Derek turned 23  on the 6th so I had a “chef’s meal” for him, and a few of his buddies.  Last night I did another chef’s dinner that was thrown together in just 2 days, for nine guests.  It turned out awesome!  A TON of work to pull off but in the end, rewarding because of the joy it brings to others.  I also am so blessed to see everyone so happy and enjoying every course.  A chef’s meal/dinner is an experience to say the least.  Every course is served freshly make/baked/cooked/plated by yours truly... makes for a very tired chef!

Here’s the menu of the 11 course meal:  (I’ve added some photos on the “more photos” page)

Crab & Shrimp Roll-ups

Multigrain encrusted spinach raviolis with marinara sauce

Toastini brushed with olive oil, pesto, olive tapenade, ham, onion, tomato & feta

Butternut Squash with sprinkles of cayenne

Spinach salad with apple, raspberries, cranberries, onion, feta, pine nuts & raspberry walnut vinaigrette

Slow roasted pork tenders with apples, raisins, dried mango, & red wine reduction sauce over red mashed potato & steamed spinach

Sliced top sirloin steak over bacon rice-risotto, served with tender asparagus spears & cranberry wasabi mustard sauce

Tropical breeze chicken tenders with orange curry sauce over rice

decadent chocolate hearts layered with light chocolate mousse, topped with truffles

Mini oat bundt filled with raspberry puree and sweet creme

Pina-colada cake

9-28-09   OK, the last 27 days were so packed that it feels like 2 months!  My sister Julie had a surprise 50th birthday, my niece Summer had a baby shower, I went to Ohio for Jenn & Matt’s wedding, met up with an old college friend Lonnie in Atlanta, my niece Meghan had her baby 11 days early, the women’s Thursday night Bible study group resumed beginning of September and we had one big pot-luck fellowship here and one pot-luck fellowship last week, I met up with my dear friend Shelley (whom I haven’t seen in SO long) and had a fantastic lunch....much more I can’t even recall right now.... all this wedged in between normal life “stuff” and work~ enough to cause insanity!  I’d like to think that October will be “calm” and restful?  We’ll see.  I’ve added a lot more photos on all the pages.  Hope you are finding peace, rest, beauty, grace, and joy in each of your days.  Every day is indeed a gift from God.

Well it’s September 1st, 2009.  Summer is about over and I need a vacation, badly!  It has been very busy indeed.  Busy, but blessed.  Derek made it home from Europe (love having him home!) and is back at work @ Edwards Lifesciences Corporation.  Evan started college last week.  I just did Meghan’s baby shower on Sunday (check out photos on most of the pages).  I’m definitely ready for some R&R somewhere, anywhere (well maybe not anywhere.... Italy sounds good though!).  Hope you all had a fabulous summer and are all ready for a beautiful Fall season just around the corner!  Blessings to you!!!!  xoxo

Where’s Chun-Mae?!?  Good question!  For 3 months it has been non-stop madness.  We made it through all the graduations, the wedding, seeing Derek off to Spain (he’ll be in Europe until September!).  After the big combined graduation party at our home, I did several catering gigs, including a wedding reception on 7-18-09.  Check out all the photos I added!   I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful, blessed, fun, and safe summer! 

love & hugs!!! 

OK, it is silly ridiculous how long it has taken me to update this (since January?!?!).  That’s how crazy life has been.  Think OVERLOAD, and that’s what’s happening here.  Let’s see... Evan turned 18, both Derek and Evan are graduating in June (UCI; CVCS), 3 other nieces/nephew graduating, niece getting married, 2 nieces expecting babies, two 50th birthdays in the family, one major back surgery, more life-changing events.... need I say more?  I’ve added a whole bunch of photos to the following pages:  More Photos, Yum!!!, Fun Desert Ideas, Easy Baking, Fresh Flowers, Gift wrapping, Buffet Table set-up (just about every page!).  Hope you are all doing well, and enjoying the beauty and gift of each day!

a TON of love to you..... xoxoxo

Well..... January 09 came and went!  How did life get so busy???  Christmas was a blast and new year’s eve found our house filled with friends and teenagers (seemed countless); Evan’s high school friends hung out playing games, had fun with Karaoke, went in the jacuzzi, sang & danced out in the street at midnight, and ate tons of goodies here.  Among all the goodies (soooo much food!) I made my Ultimate Burritos, and that’s all they wanted to eat!  January started off busy as all get out.  We ended it on the 31st with my family’s Chinese New Year celebration~ made yummy with amazing traditional Chinese food.  By 11:30pm, I was still so full I could hardly breath.  I’ve added some photos to some of the pages. 

I hope and pray that 2009 has been good to you so far, and what’s yet to come will be filled with sweet blessings!

Love & huge hugs!!!


Hello Dear Ones!!!!  WOW!!! That’s all I can say... time flew by and I haven’t updated for months.  November was super busy with Thanksgiving celebrations as well as a big luncheon at our church~ 150 seatings with 20+ overflow.  It was really quite amazing to put together (check out photos on “More photos” page).  I also did 24 illustrations for a brand new super cute product that just came out!  You can read about it at 

Christmas is around the corner!  Aside from the CRAZY schedule of mine, I picked up couple of catering gigs, finished Ed’s last minute request of 20 trays of home-baked goods (at 2:00AM), decorated our tree TWICE (the first one fell over AFTER I decorated it!  I had to drag it back to the tree lot to get another one... yes, it’s true), did a jewelry open-house (you can see lots of additions on “more photos”.  In a few days I will begin to create our Christmas Day feast.  What a joyous and blessed time.  I pray that you are all thoroughly blessed with God’s richest gifts!  May His gifts of grace, hope, faith, love, peace & joy be yours in abundance!!!!    All my love to you~ with big hugs & lots of kisses xoxoxoxoxo

ps.  WAY TO GO EVAN!!!  Football~ 1st Team All-League;  MVP Offensive Player!!!  Yeay!!!!!

October has been a CRAZY month so far.  Lots of excitement.  Sharon and Brad adopted a precious baby girl, Hayden, and the shower was so lovely.  I’ll have more photos of the shower soon~ just a few so far on “more photos”.  Derek turned 22 on Oct. 6th.  It’s so hard to believe.  My little boy is all grown up (see photos on “more photos” page.  We had a nice celebration.   We also held our last football home dinner at our home.  It was a blast!  Evan’s was offensive player of the game last week.  So awesome! 

I’ve also added a bunch of easy baking photos and flower arrangements.

Big hugs to you all!!!

Labor Day was weekend was great fun!  We had a fabulous meal at the Nesters’ home....everything was incredible!  The next day, family came over for a nice and food-fun-filled day.   School has started up for Derek and Evan.  Football season is in full swing.  Both boys will graduate this year!  Derek from UCI, Evan from CVCS.  Big and busy year!  We’re diving in and praying for the best... 

I’ve added more photos all over the place :) 

A great BIG hug to you all!


OK, I feel old today.  It’s August 12, 2008 and I’m 47 years old.  For some reason, I feel really old.  But I’ll get over it!  All I have to do is take a few moments to reflect on God’s grace in my life, and all the beauty that He gifts me with... loved ones and cherished friends to start the never-ending list.  Amazing!

Know that you are love... by ME!

ps.  I’ve added a few photos (see “more photos”) from our day at the Getty Center.  It was a lovely day!  From paintings to sculptures, to gorgeous furniture and breathtaking landscaping & views... the Getty Center is a “must visit” place!  

August 2, 2008

Well, our annual women’s tea came and went...not without a ton of blessed work and God’s grace!  I serve with such incredible women, so gifted, so gracious!  It was fabulous!  I’ve added some photos from the tea as well as a luncheon I just did today.  Be sure to check out all the new photos in “fresh flowers”, “YUM”, “Fun Dessert Ideas”, “Easy Baking”, “Table Settings”...... I guess just check out all the pages for crying out loud!  I’ve added a lot to browse through.  Have fun!  Be joyful and blessed !!!  xoxo

July 5, 2008

Two weeks in Kauai has left me longing to settle on the island and “hang loose” a bit longer.  Such a welcomed escape.  I’m writing on my flight back to California.  Be sure to check the “More Photos” page, I have added lots of photos from the Garden Island.   This was the first time we didn’t host a 4th of July celebration/BBQ.  A bit strange.  But we made up for it by celebrating with the locals and creating our own fireworks show.  The locals know how to celebrate the 4th!  Some of the parks and beaches were filled with families, pop-up tents, the smell of island BBQ favorites, and young children running to and fro.  Typically, by the time the end of vacation draws near, I look forward to going home.  For the first time, my heart is still in vacation mode.  Ahhh... I can still see the swaying palms, feel the gentle breeze, and taste the shaved ice.....

June 22, 2008

Aloha from Kauai!!!   I can tell you, it’s everything they say about it... breathtakingly beautiful.   At the end of the trip I’ll add some photos for sure.  For now, be sure to check out new added photos in “flowers”, “Yum!”, “easy baking”, “more photos”...   

What have I been doing this last month?  Hmmm... other than a wedding shower, Father’s Day family BBQ, Memorial Day luncheon/swim party/Bocci tournament, several other dinner parties and the likes, a trip to Henderson to visit Mike & Rachel.  Life has been a bit crazy and I haven’t been able to write much.  I’m hoping to write while in Kauai.  Also, I’m excited to be working on some illustrations for a “project” that I’m not at liberty to share about just yet.  

Hope you are all doing well!  Write me when you can!

with love and gratefulness~

May 4, 2008

Our friends Brad, Sharon and Logan had us over for dinner last night.  Sharon made “Flying Jacob”, a common Swedish dish that includes:  chicken, rice, bananas, chili sauce, whipping cream, and peanuts!  No kidding.  It was wonderful!!!  She gave me a little tupperware container to go.    Around dinner time tonight, I stared into the fridge and tried to envision what I could make.  Make sure you check out the YUM page to see what came of the left over Flying Jacob, with the help of few other left over items.  The rejuvenation was a BIG hit with everyone!   Be sure to also check out the newest YUMMY desserts added to the EASY BAKING page.    Love to you all!

Flying Jacob:  Rebirth

Chicken was pulled into chunks, revived with splashes of cranberry peach juice and dollop of vege dip.  Rice portion was rejuvenated with olive oil and sauteed onions, jambalaya spices, chopped cilantro, and pinto beans. 


Bed of chopped lettuce & red onion

Layer of rice concoction

topped with chicken

topped off with sliced avocado & sweet pepper sauce


Can’t believe Easter came and went!  Hope you all had a blessed celebration!  We spent couple of days in San Diego during Derek and Evan’s Spring break.  We also visited both sides of the family on Easter Sunday.  Endless yummy food and great fun!  We also spent some time up in Mammoth, skiing and enjoying the snow.  STEVIE WONDER was walking through the village there one afternoon!  It was great to see him!  Didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked, but here are a few.  I’ve added more photos to the “Yum”, “Easy Baking”, “Fresh Flowers” and “More Photos” sections.  Big hugs!!



Wow!  Evan’ turned 17 on Feb 28th.  He wanted to have a few friends over for a swim/jacuzzi/muchies party.  It was great fun!  Menu for a bunch of teenagers?  Well, his friends requested certain things and it was great to see them all chowing down and enjoying the food.  I am famous around here for my BURRITOS (all types for all meals....).  There are secrets to making the ultimate burrito.  Over the years, the kids at school have snuck bites of burritos that I’ve packed in Evan’s lunch.  They all LOVE it and that was one thing they requested for the party!  See all photos in relevant pages!


The Ultimate Burrito

smokies and pull apart chicken in BBQ sauce with rolls

meatballs in raspberry chipotle sauce

roasted chicken, penne pasta

7 layered dip with chips

veges and ranch dip

popcorn shrimp & sweet chili sauce

chocolate chip fudge brownie hearts

rice krispy balls

white chocolate dipped cookies

toffee grahams

chocolate chip cookie cake

These are just samples of photos.... check out lots more on all the different pages listed above!